Mindfulness in Elite Sport: Attention is the Currency of Performance!

Tuesday 13th September 2022: 09.00 – Thursday 15th September 2022: 17.00

An applied 3-day hands on workshop with Dr. Peter Haberl

This 3-day interactive course will give an introduction on how to use mindfulness and ACT-based interventions in the work with elite athletes prior to and during the Olympic Games. Participants will have the opportunity to practice leading exercises. Peter will present real case examples and how he has worked to help athletes and teams at the Olympic level. Participants will also have the opportunity to discuss and reflect on their own cases. At the end of the workshop, participants should be able to integrate mindfulness in their pre-existing working and intervention concepts. Education handouts, core worksheets and scripts for the workshop will be provided.


Outdoor location nearby Innsbruck (overnight stay with full pension (single room))

Seminar language: English

Costs overnight stay with full pension (single room):

a) Registration till 19.08.2022

+ 800 Euro (including participation Tag der Sportpsychologie 17.09.2021: please note that the language of this event is German)

+750 Euro (excluding participation Tag der Sportpsychologie)


b) Registration from 20.08.2022

+ 1.000 Euro (including participation Tag der Sportpsychologie 16.09.2022: please note that the language of this event is German)

+ 900 Euro (excluding participation Tag der Sportpsychologie)


First come first serve.


+ Emotions and the Olympic athlete

+ Thoughts and the Olympic athlete

+ Attention and the Olympic athlete

+ How to work with key processes of mindfulness and acceptance in elite sport

+ ACT Hexaflex Model

+ ACT Triflex Model

+ Mindfulness techniques for pre-performance routines

+ Helping athletes regain motivation and find meaning in their endeavours

+ Helping athletes, teams and coaches to clarify and to become aware of what is valuable and important for them

+ Confidence and the Olympic athlete

+ Doubt and the Olympic athlete

+ Navigate performance at the Olympic Games and teaching athletes to not get caught up in worrying about entering an optimal performance state in competitions

+ Helping sport psychologists stay fully present with their clients


Austria – Tyrol - local area Innsbruck

The workshop includes registration materials, three lunches (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) two dinners (Tuesday, Wednesday), breakfast (Wednesday, Thursday) and accommodation (two nights: Tuesday night and Wednesday night).


Dr. Peter Haberl – Senior Sport Psychologist, United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee

United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee

Peter Haberl joined the United States Olympic Committee in 1998. In his current position as senior sport psychologist, he provides individual and team consultations and counseling sessions to various resident and national team athletes with a specific specialization in team sports. Haberl has enjoyed the privilege of having worked at eight Olympic Games, four Pan American Games, and one Paralympic Games with U.S. athletes. Prior to joining the Olympic Movement in the U.S., Haberl played professional ice hockey in Austria. Born in Austria, Haberl received his bachelor’s degree in sports science from the University of Vienna, Austria. He later earned his master's degree in counseling and his Ed. D. in counseling psychology at Boston University. A licensed psychologist, Haberl focuses on mindfulness-based interventions.


Registration only for the workshop “mindfulness” (English version)

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