Mindfulness – Part II

What is it that all Olympic Athletes most desire from Sport Psychology?

Part II - The Practice of Social Mindfulness
(Only for attendees who have already participated in Mindfulness – Part I) – only 10 attendees allowed!

Saturday 16th September 2023: 9 a.m. – Monday 18th September 2023: 5 p.m.

An applied 3-day hands on workshop with Dr. Peter Haberl
The objective of this three day workshop is to introduce and educate the participants in the application of social meditation with Olympic & Elite athletes. The target audience are sport psychology practitioners who have a background in mindfulness and ACT approaches, and an interest in innovative mindfulness practices. Having attended "Mindfulness and ACT at the Olympic Games part I" will be beneficial. Traditionally, meditation is practiced in silence, often alone, or by following a guided script. Social meditation, as opposed to traditional silent meditation, are a family of meditation practices that are done socially, and aloud (as developed by Kenneth Folk and Vince Horn, see Gleig 2019). Social meditation amplifies our ability to stay on task during meditation. Participants will learn, through instruction, practice and discussion, the why, how, what, and when of social meditation and how the instructor uses these techniqes with Olympic athletes in the lead up and at the Olympic Games. These social noting techniques lend themselves to team sport athletes but work equally well with individual sport athletes. This workshop will be very participatory. Attendees will get to experince, practice and debrief a variety of social meditation practices, with a focus on concentration, awareness, equanimity, and gratitude and learn how these techniques can be applied with Olympic & elite athletes and discuss how these techniques might be applicable in their own work. Attendees will also get practice in leading these techniques in the second half of the workshop.

Outdoor location nearby Innsbruck (overnight stay with full pension (single room))
Seminar language: English
Costs overnight stay with full pension (single room):
a) Registration till 20.08.2023
+ 800 Euro (including participation Tag der Sportpsychologie 15.09.2023: please note that the language of this event is German)
+ 750 Euro (excluding participation Tag der Sportpsychologie)
b) Registration from 21.08.2023
+ 1.000 Euro (including participation Tag der Sportpsychologie 15.09.2023: please note that the language of this event is German)
+ 900 Euro (excluding participation Tag der Sportpsychologie)
First come first serve.

Registration only for the workshop “mindfulness-part II” (English version)

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